Pascal Schmidt

Data Analyst


About Me

I am currently working as a data analyst, building dashboards, testing hypothesis, and doing all different kinds of data analysis. The main tools I use are R, Shiny, Python, and SQL. When I am not working my day job, I am blogging at and building web applications on my personal website about data that interests me.

Work Experience

LBC Studios

November 2020 - Current

Data Analyst

  • Investigated returns on bundle purchases by testing multiple hypotheses and recommended different price points that led to increased revenue for the analyzed bundles.
  • Provided dashboards and reports to the marketing team to better understand marketing campaigns and revenue flow.
  • Created an R Shiny application that serves as an index page for our data analysis reports, making it easier for various teams to get access to all reports in an easy way.

Vancouver, BC |

June 2020 - November 2020

Data Analyst

  • Deployed and dockerized a web application on AWS with R Shiny that analyzed realtime Twitter data, which led to increased productivity of employees who used the application for research purposes.
  • Queried, cleaned, and visualized data with the help of pandas, NumPy, and Python plotting libraries to update teams about machine learning model performances.
  • Developed automated interactive dashboards with plotly and flexdashboard to inform teams about the internal data usage and to improve the client experience by sending out quality information.

Edmonton, AB |
Statistics Canada

May 2019 - August 2019

Data Analyst (co-op)

  • Developed R scripts for cleaning multiple data sets and used SQL joins to build a usable data set for analysis.
  • Built an R markdown report with tables and graphs for a better understanding of why people‚Äôs addresses on administrative data match that on census data.
  • Created data visualization plots in Power BI to supplement the R markdown report.
  • Presented data and conclusions to my team, which used the results to gain actionable insights into the Census Program Transformation Project and improved the population coverage for admin data.

Ottawa, ON |
BC Cancer Agency

May 2018 - December 2018

Data Scientist (co-op)

  • Designed reports and conducted an explanatory data analysis, which led to a successful publication, by visualizing the key characteristics of patients with endometrial cancer.
  • Produced interactive dashboards to communicate data to physicians who used my work for presentations.
  • Independently researched and applied previously unknown statistical libraries for improved data representation.
  • Composed a bi-annual report by cleaning, reshaping, and joining multiple unstructured data sources, working extensively with R tidyverse packages such as dplyr, ggplot, purrr, tidyr, and stringr.
  • Implemented a meta-analysis of individual patient data and a cox-regression model to determine if endometrial cancer patients need additional treatment plans and to improve their quality of life.

Vancouver, BC |


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